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Holiday Pay


There are many factors that determine your actual entitlement. However, these are key points in the process.


  • This is, generally, payable for holidays you have become entitled to but not taken or taken but not paid in the 12 months before insolvency. (This means, if you have worked half of your holiday year, you will be due half of your annual entitlement less the number of days you have actually taken and for which you have been paid).


  • Unless your contract of employment specifically allows holidays to be carried forward and they must be taken into account in the relevant holiday year.


  • Up to a maximum of six weeks holiday pay can be paid


  • Payment is subject to a statutory limit of 538 a week from 6 April 2020 (prior to that date, the limit was 525).


  • Payment is subject to deduction of tax and NI.



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